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We're knowledgeable about serving students, schools and international exchanges

  • Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools
  • Inter-school Collaborative Programmes
  • Students' Career Planning
  • Language training for students intending to study abroad

We are specialized in serving universities and colleges, developing and connecting global high-quality educational resources, assisting overseas universities in developing the Chinese market, and providing overseas universities with services and support in China. The scope of our services includes but not limited to Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, inter-school cooperation and exchange projects, language training for students preparing for overseas study, and overseas training and study visits for teachers.

Global Strategy

Global Strategy

We have a bold vision for educational institutions, students and families; to help drive the innovation and international exchange needed to grow the world’s education. We will continue to tackle global challenges and transform lives through our service and knowledge.

Our approach is to build on our international reputation and assist more institutions to realize their global strategy, such as

  • Growing educational institutions’ collaborations and impressive portfolio of partnerships with Chinese institutions, leading companies and official organisations;
  • Creating a supportive and enabling environment that encourages more academic staff to engage in and generate enhanced international research outputs and impact;
  • Providing Chinese students with an international cultural experience by the establishment of China-based cross-cultural teaching programmes.

Why Us

Why You Need Us



Universities need trusted partners for recruiting students;

We provide innovative services for teachers and students;

We offer innovative recruitment solutions;

Tailored academic career planning and personalized university recomendation;

With global sight for marketing;

We provide bespoke cross-cultural training for students;

To create industry-leading conversion.

Sucessful Cases

Inter-school Cooperative Programs

Studying Abroad Program for undergraduates at South China Normal University “1+0.5+4”

Studying Abroad Program in Japan at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Bachelors-Masters Degrees Program jointly held by JiMei University and PSB Academy

“2+2” Dual Degree Program jointly held by Jiangxi Normal University and Colorado State University

“3+1” Undergraduate Exchange Program between Jiangxi Normal University and University of Wales Trinity Saint David

“2+2” China-Korea International Undergraduate Class at Hubei University of Technology

“2+2” Singapore International Class at Hubei University of Technology