Targets & Subsidiaries - Elubao


Established in 2005, Elubao Education Development Group (hereinafter referred to as “Elubao Group”) is a well-known education company serving high schools, universities and colleges and tutoring students preparing for Nationwide Unified Examinations.

Headquartered in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, we have established branches in Beijing, Fujian, Guangxi and Sichuan Province, and two subsidiaries, Waipei International Education and Jiangxi New College Entrance Examination Comprehensive Reform and Development Center.


    Our Targets

    4S Objectives -- Students Satisfaction Success Sustainability



    **Investigate the actual desire of students and parents by “16zhiyuan”.

    **Provide guidance for college application and promote enrollment publicity through various media.

    **Provide students with ESL, TOEFL, Italian and Japanese tutorial; tailored tutorial for specific students.

    **Cultivate students with transferrability and global vision; guide them for examination and personalization.



    **Facilitate the communication between Chinese universities and foreign partners so as to promote partners’ satisfaction.

    **Give practical academic suggestion and support for students and follow up their progress so as to promote students’ satisfaction.

    **Coordinate and balance family-school relations based on years of experience so as to promote parents’ satisfaction.

    **Provide all-round services for foreign teachers in China, including but not limited to the application of expert permits, visas and assistance in daily life, interpretation, setting up “Foreign Teachers’ China Hub”, so as to promote teachers’ satisfaction.



    **An expert team with deep knowledge of related policies, laws and rules and industrial progress to guarantee the approval rate; As the chairman unit of New College Entrance Examination Career Planning Alliance, we regularly participate in policy feedback.

    **As a commercial institution under trategic partnership with many banks in Jiangxi Province, we assist public institutions to transfer large amounts of foreign exchange, to avoid the foreign exchange limit of Chinese universities required by Chinese laws, and ensure that foreign universities receive tuition fees in time.

    **Help foreign universities in need recruit teachers throughout the world and conduct online teaching to ensure the projects‘ progress.



    **Emphasize long-term strategic partnership, and maintain our reputation.

    **Advance international education: Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, inter-school projects, overseas training and visiting for teachers.

    **Promote upgrading the Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools of our partner schools, such as publicity plans optimization, and enrollment expansion application.

    **Improve students’ conversion, encourage students to study abroad and provide them with all-range study-abroad services such as application, travel and accommodation.

    Our Subsidiaries


    Holding Company: Elubao — to be a bridge between Chinese and foreign universities so as to create equal educational opportunity.


    Personalized plans for the internationalization of colleges & universities

    Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools

    Inter-school cooperation and exchange programs

    Overseas training and study visits for teachers

    Various international competitions


    Waipei International Education

    Subsidiary: Waipei International Education — to assist students to study abroad by offering examination tutoring and capabilities training programs.


    Characteristic international classes at middle schools

    Diversified plans for college application

    Multilingual programs for students preparing for Chinese Nationwide Unified Examination Studying-abroad consultation and guidance

    IELTS and other language tutoring courses

    Jiangxi New College Entrance Examination Comprehensive Reform and Development Center

    Subsidiary: Jiangxi New College Entrance Examination Comprehensive Reform and Development Center — Smart choice is the foundation of fruitful efforts


    Career planning for students at middle schools, high schools, and colleges


    Consultation for university application

    Public lectures