FAQ - Elubao


What you may be interested in about Elubao Group

From 2011, our CEO has set his steps into the field of education. With years of experience in communicating with students, families and institutions, we are specialized in dealing with multiple relationships.

We have held over 600 online public courses and more than 2,000 offline public lectures, providing high-quality and attentive services to more than millions of students and parents, gaining numerous trust and praise from students, parents and peers, and gradually establishing our brand and social influence nationwide.

As soon as we signed up contract with universities and colleges, we paid efforts in our commitment and achieved great results. Apart from the projects that we applied/set up, we also attracted partner educational institutions with their problems due to our success in recruiting students for many universities and colleges.

Collaboration helps brainstorm creative ideas; Great professional development which leads to great pedagogy; International exchange enriches reputation and recruitment; Worldwide promotion of education is one of the biggest challenge and trend now.

We look forward to cooperating with sincere partners, including universities and colleges in US, UK, Canada, Germany, etc. , a third party with educational resources, official public institutions and so on.

Close Ties With Students, Institutions and Partnership