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Putting the World into World-Class Education, published in the UK in 2005, has explicitly put forward that in this economically globalized world, “we must equip our children, young people and adults for life in a global society and work in a global economy.”
To make Chinese students more competitive in the world, Elubao Group aims to go against great odds and co-build with domestic and foreign educational institutions a fair and high-quality international educational platform where Chinese students have access to high quality overseas education at home.
In essence, to educate students is not to build models of success but to tap into their potentials. It is our original intention to introduce generally-accepted and world-class educational resources into China and cultivate more talents for the world.

  • Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools
  • Inter-school collaborative and exchange projects
  • Language training for students intending to study abroad
  • Career planning for students

Xu Fan

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We believe, concentration, innovation, appreciation, and dedication can make a top-performing company.

We are committed to developing and connecting high-quality global educational resources, assisting overseas educational institutions in expanding the Chinese market and making mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign culture.

Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools
Inter-school collaborative/exchange projects
Students' career planning

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We assist Chinese and foreign universities in the promotion and enrollment of Chinese-foreign cooperatively-running schools, as well as their operation and management.

  • Promotion of your enrollment in China

    With our overwhelming influence in the college application field and our large pool of student customers, we will guarantee that as many students as possible would participate in your programs.

  • More potential students study-abroad

    With our senior admissions team and consultation team, we can contribute largely to improving Chinese students' willingness to study abroad.

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In recent years, we have helped many universities and colleges in Sichuan, Guangdong, Hebei, Jiangxi, Hubei and other provinces conduct international programs, and promoted teacher-student exchanges and educational collaborative programs between Chinese and foreign schools.