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 Responsibilities of Chinese and foreign educational institutions

1.1 Main responsibilities of foreign educational institutions in Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools

  • Providing academic registration forthe students enrolled in Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools or projects, and issuing degree certificates (bachelor/master/doctor) of corresponding majors to qualified students upon graduation.
  • Integrating courses with relevant majors of Chinese educational institutions, giving full play to their respective advantages and jointly forminga new curriculum system;
  • During cooperation, the foreign institutionsshall teach at least one-third of the total courses (about 15 to 18 courses in total in four years for each major) and foreign teachers shall teach offline in China. At the same time, the foreign institutions shall provide salaries, benefits and transportation expenses for their teachers;
  • Being responsible for managing the attendance of teachers assigned to China and ensuringthat foreign teachers abide by the relevant management system of Chinese and foreign educational institutions when teaching in China;
  • Providing teaching management and arrangement for students who go to the cooperative foreign educational institutionsfor short-term exchanges or follow-up studies;
  • Appointing experienced managers to build a management team with Chinese institutions to steadily and orderly improve the quality of cooperation in running schoolsin accordance with the education and teaching plan and management scheme agreed by both schools;
  • Cooperating with Chinese educational institutionsto prepare materials required during the application, review and evaluation of the cooperatively-run school or project.

1.2 Main responsibilities of Chinese educational institutions in Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools

  • Being responsible for providing school sites, necessary teaching, internship and living hardware facilities;
  • Establishing co-run management team of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schoolswith foreign educational institutions, providing suitable office space, and taking charge of teaching work and administration of cooperatively-run schools or projects;
  • Reporting the enrollment plan to China’s education administrative department every year and organizing enrollment activities;
  • Providing accommodation for foreign teachers and staff who are appointedto China by foreign educational institutions;
  • Being responsible for the overall curriculum setting, teaching arrangement and credit management of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools;
  • Being responsible for providing general compulsory courses, professional basic courses and professional core courses included in the teaching and training program of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, and providing qualified teachers for the courses undertaken by Chinese educational institutions;
  • Evaluating the teaching resultof Chinese and foreign teachers and putting forward suggestions for improvement;
  • Issuing corresponding academic diplomas and degree certificates for the students who have completed all courses and passed the exams.
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