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16zhiyuan, a smart big data AI system, equipped under one of our subsidiaries – Jiangxi New College Entrance Examination Comprehensive Reform and Development Center, is covering all levels of schools in Jiangxi province and partial other provinces. Its recording includs data of  students classroom learning situation, teacher evaluation, exercise library, etc., and its involving number of students is huge. We will proudly say, regarding this service, we are the top 1 in Jiangxi Province, China.

Bullet points:

  • students’ learning situation
  • teachers’ evaluation
  • exercise library, etc.
  • Chinese middle-school to high-school level
  • effecting schools in Jiangxi province and nearly half of China
  • big data and technical advancement
  • online education evolution——a leapfrog on infomation collection and publication that reveals product satisfaction and real needs of students, so as to improve learning habitats of students

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