Internationalization of Chinese Higher-Education Institutions - Elubao

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We assist Chinese higher educational institutions in “going global”. Business includes but not limited to reception of international students, conducting/organizing international conferences/meetings, introducing foreign experts, operating overseas visits for Chinese teachers, setting up cooperative/collaborative projects, inter-school cooperation programs, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.

For Example:

We assist HBUT in the enrollment of its international education programs, such as the 3+1 International Undergraduate Program with educational institutions in Italy (including the Academy of Fine arts of Florence and the Polytechnic University of Milan), 2+2 International Undergraduate Program in Arts with educational institutions in Singapore (including LASALLE College of the Arts and Raffles College of Higher Education), 2+2 International Undergraduate Program with educational institutions in South Korea (including the Catholic University of Korea and Woosuk University), with an enrollment of more than 500 students every year.

We assist in the recruitment of HBUT’s Hong Kong-Macao courses, with an enrollment of 120 students every year.

We organize international conferences (online during COVID-19 epidemic period) for more than 10 times every year. We have received about 100 international students to China.


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